What should I expect from our first session?

I encourage you to view our first in-person session as a no-strings-attached consultation. During this first session my goals is to fully understand the unique concerns that bring you in, and the larger context in which they are occurring. You will have a sense of what it is like to meet with me and how I can be of service. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have about the way I work. If it seems like we are a good fit, then we will proceed with scheduling a weekly or semiweekly appointment.

​How I can prepare for my first session?

Before our first session I will ask you to answer some questions by e-mail or phone. We can schedule a free 15min phone call to answer your questions. If we meet online for the consultations, I suggest that you find a comfortable safe place, and prepare your device for a video call. For example to install Zoom.

How will we work?

I work primarily in evidence-based approaches: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)

The basis of therapy is a dialogue. I also provide relaxation techniques and help you to develop mindfulness skills. Each session has its structure: we agree on what we will talk about throughout the session and set the agenda. At the end of the session, we take some time for debriefing and feedback. A session can focus on one specific topic. Since working simultaneously in different directions can reduce efficiency, I suggest before the session focus on the topic that is important for you at this time unless we have agreed otherwise.

Usually, at the end of the session, I give homework, which we discuss and agree with you in advance. This is because psychotherapy involves active participation on your part. For that, to increase its effectiveness, you will need to spend some work outside sessions.

How long will the therapy take?

Usually, after the second session, I am ready to share my impression of how I see our work and agree on therapy goals and timelines with you. Studies show that the average therapy process takes up to 10 sessions.We can meet once a week or increase or decrease the number of sessions per week (meet 2 times a week or once every 2 weeks) if it is necessary. The duration of the therapy depends on many circumstances: age, genetic factors, and life circumstances. In some cases, more time may be needed. For my part, I will strive to achieve the result in the shortest possible time. You are free to withdraw from therapy at any time without discussing the reason. However, some sort of dialogue will be useful for you and me. We can do it by call or message.

What about our communication between sessions?

You can send me a a message if you want to share something or ask a question. I have a specific time during the day to reply to the messages from my clients.

What are your fees?

I charge 65€, 500EGP or 2000₽, per individual session, depending on where you live. The sessions are 50 minutes. Please note that fees are subject to change.

How does payment work?

Session fees are due at the time of each session. I accept pinpas (bank transfer) or cash.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to change your appointment time and provide sufficient notice Please do not change or cancel later than 24 hours before the session. I prepare for each session in advance. If you notify me in advance, I save my time and will be able to offer this timeslot to another client.

In addition, it is advisable to come to the session on time, because it will be finished on time no matter how late you are.